Little Talbot


It is hard to focus my pen on the paper before me.
Little notebook, you have no eyes so I will use words to describe the scene that I am witness to.

Imagine if you will the Spanish moss dripping down from the oak trees drenched in lichen. The shade created covers our campsite, but allows the Florida sunlight to shine through in pockets of warmth. The perfect temperature is created and two oddly sized human beings have perched themselves at a picnic table.

Gypsy music waltzes through the tented canopy and across to the fire pit where seasoned onions and green peppers are roasting over an open flame.

Imagine the contentment contained in such a vision; imagine such a holistic happiness.

Watch as two humans, desperately in love and so very happy, watch as they doodle and scribble in notebooks as the insects sing all around them.

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