Dreaming mature thoughts



I am not afraid of my mind.

If anything, I am eager to plunder the hidden depths for epiphanies and...

Well, and whatever else is hanging out, silent, taking up residence in the folds of my lobes.

Fruit of my loins
Folds of my lobes

I have no brain for mundanity today. How can I focus on paperwork when there is uncharted territory in my possession begging for me to explore?

“Let’s get a little deeper, friend.
You have no idea where I can take you -
and I want to show it all.”

I have a tinge of that uneasy feeling, 
the feeling of squashed down compression with a hint of nausea - primarily because I keep forgetting to breathe.
The lines between dreams and reality have been blurred, perhaps even irrevocably.

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