It is the day of my birth, 24 years post.

Haha what a ridiculous sentence. That sentence does nothing to convey how I actually feel today...well, perhaps in tandem with all of these far sillier words. I feel silly. Silly and solemn and soporific and stupefied and smitten and sensationally smashing insofar as sibilant strings of sentences go. I feel silly because I went to sleep with two or three hours to spare before I had to get up again (there's the soporific for you), solemn because of sentences like "we met ten years ago today" that remind me that it's been 10 YEARS since my first day of high school, I feel stupefied and smitten by the world around me ("how strange it is to be anything at all") and all of the rest of those S words are simply me showing off my skills.

I feel good, on a day such as today.
I am trying to pay attention to the tiny nuances of such a feeling in order to conjure it back up on days when the somber outweighs the sweet. I’m just sayin, I had an apartment full of people lavishing love upon me into the wee hours of the morning and then I got to drive around for three hours with friends and love alike listening to music of my choice. I can’t really see any flaw with that scenario, at all. In fact if I were asked what I wanted for my birthday, I would say, with no hesitation, “to be surrounded by people I love and make them all laugh."


“Work waits for no crab legs.”


HoL - page 350

‎"No matter whether you’re an electrician, scholar, or dope addict, chances are that somewhere you’ve still got a letter, postcard or note that’s meaningful to you. Maybe only to you.

It’s amazing how many people save at least a few letter
s during their lifetime, leaves of feeling, tucked away in a guitar case, a safety deposit box, on a hard drive or even preserved in a pair of old boots no one will ever wear.

Some letters keep. Some don’t."

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