So I had a kid

Miles Foster 
Born 8/30/2015

I have written (elsewhere) word upon word about approaching the great gulf between childfree and MOTHER. It felt so huge and monumental but now I am MOTHER and it feels pretty great. We've crossed the gap and gotten over the hump and a stride has been found. I wake up happy and my baby smiles at me.

This is a good chapter of life.


Reading: Mom forums like Reddit's Beyond the Bump. Tim Gilmore's The Mad Atlas of Virginia King

Watching: In the wee hours of the morning where no human should soberly exist, I marathon old HBO shows like The Sopranos and Entourage.

Eating: fucking EVERYTHING

Wondering: I am in a constant state of wonder at this moment in time. I wonder if the baby likes the music we play and if my ceaseless drumming on his belly will teach him rhythm, I wonder how to maximize my time without losing type of unscheduled spans where magic creeps in, I wonder how to be a better friend without sacrifice to my homefront.

Shocked by: I am in a constant state of shock at this moment in time...ha. I am shocked by electric hues of poop and tiny tracks of tears, I am shocked by the caverns that existed in my heart that are now open to the light and the biological microcosms of new life, I am shocked by how quickly my energy returned and the waddling days of too-pregnant have receded into memory.

Planning: Weekly yoga. An oil change. A Halloween costume - Piglet maybe??

Learning: in leaps and bounds, in giant amounts, in quick bursts. The learning curve is huge here.

Laughing at: Synchronized family farts.

Om mani padme hum // Riverside, FL