Faceted // Fading

You take me for a coconut?

This lack of morality shades the hues of every cautionary tale,
saturating stains on souls with vivid crystalline color.

I stopped taking note of the constructs causing me spiritual harm.
Time, I keep no track of your vicious grip, salivating over my salient and faceted gems.
You can have the minor memories if only you’ll leave the landmarks.

If only you’ll promise to stay the degrade on a ferris wheel cutting our sneakers through the dark,
safely elevating heartbeats through the chase of pleasured thrills,
gracefully colliding in our youth’s amusement parks.

My greatest fears are not boogiemen, not mortal pain or any such matter of physics.

My greatest fear is a nibbled sack corner, burlap splitting and spilling these grains I’ve worked so hard to make individually precious. What use is it, this energy spent making each moment a shining jewel when all tumble with equal velocity from my brain?

The warmth of enlightenment // Grape & Grain

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