Here are we

So suddenly living // The view from my office window


Sunlight on fuchsia leaves
me in a parked KIA channeling Confucius,
hands symmetrically balanced
on each side of all things,

grasping a universe of silence
and spinning geometry
slamming atoms together
so microscopically cosmic.

There you are. Here are we,
speechless and slow
with all weights placed
in suspension.

Here is me and a face
of smiling wrinkles dancing down the path,
a chorus of unbridled laughter trailing after,
an acoustic guitar playing Pomp and Circumstance
in a newer style with all the proper resolutions.

Sunlight on fuchsia and flesh
and a narrow silver band of symbolism
leaves me contemplating catechisms
open-ended as cells knit and mend
without my needing to be a part in it.

Passively integral, this role,
as very directly we roll
towards a fate as yet opaque.

Here are we and there somewhere is you
underneath the warmth of sunlight
on the fuchsia of my light spring clothes
with hands wrapped around the belly you inhabit

as the willow tree next to me
buds and greens,
so suddenly living.


I think that's a bump

I always bookmarked those beautiful sets of baby bump progression photos,
imagining what my own might look like someday. 

As it turns out, there are no pictures of my bump that have not been taken, by myself, in a bathroom.
I'll fix that at some point... 



A Felt Flex

Wrong concert, correct sentiment // Atmosphere show #4

I think I felt you, in a crowded coliseum downtown, under a canopy of swinging can lights and glittering camera flashes. A twinge of a brush of limb on ligament, a pressure, a set of serial movements setting a mind at ease.

I felt you and uncertainty settled, I felt you and said nothing, I felt you and the lights circled wildly, an interactive performance, a flexing of fingers on ivory and an old man at a piano and I felt you in the most perfect way I could have felt that newness, before an oldness, an archive of pop culture wrapping around a womb and producing our dive into this thing together.

I felt you and grinned within and out and beamed. I felt you and was so moved by the dance of life at its beginning as you danced with middle-aged beauties falling in step with time and rhythm and I felt you where the music is made and I know that you will join me here on these steps, in these seats, in these amphitheaters full of sweaty joviality, that our molecules circle together now and will in perpetuity. Esto perpetua, whoever you are and will be.