Sometimes when my brain is full, I have moments where I have to shut down all extraneous processing and just focus on the involuntary stuff...yknow, breathing and existing and all that.

My brain is full..and has been for a few days....so I said STFU, brain, we are going to sit on this-a-here couch and watch movies and surf for new music for the ENTIRETY of this weekend!

And that's what I did. For real, I have a bunch of free Blockbuster Express movie codes and I got 8 movies between Saturday and Sunday. For the record it is way easier to stay home and not do anything but relax when you dont.have.any.money. Oh my gosh. All of our money is going straight into wedding stuff (future post fodder? you bet!) which makes it easier for me to say no to outings and dinners and whatnots. I enjoy alone time tremendously but normally my alone-time plans are consistently interrupted by last-minute plans and hangouts. I guess I'm just a silver-lining type of lady but it is nice having an excuse to say no. I'm sorta bad at that.

If we're looking for silver linings, then I can go ahead and praise my broke-ness for giving me time to bang out a birthday mix for my older sister, Lisa. I haven't done a post yet on my sisters but they are two of my most cherished friends on this entire freaking planet. Lisa happens to live on the other side of this entire freaking planet at the moment which completely blows, but she's on her last tour in the Navy before retiring so she will be here before we know it! The thing I hate most about her being gone is that I don't get the chance to do all of the little sister-ly things I want to, like I can't just pop in and clean her house for her or bring her dinner or drink wine and watch cheesy rom-coms with her, and on days like her birthday it's even worse. I figured that the least I could do was put together a playlist for her. We're a very musical family, and sharing music can bring you close to someone if they're far away. /cheesymoment haha

So I figured it's time for another music play-by-play post...because talking about my musical tastes can't get any more free! Ahaha. Are you noticing a trend? I'M BROKE SON! ...and also a little delirious. Man, it's time to go HOME.

Hehe. Anyway. Onward!

Song List:
1. Look Me In the Eye Sister/Groove Armada: This song is just awesome. Strong open, dark 80's sorta sound, plus it has the word 'sister' in it. A+!

2. My Touch/Toro Y Moi: This is a new find of mine, as of late. I just love this chill ass song.

3. Weak/Gretchen Parlato: This song is my JAM. I was introduced to it by a friend last year, and I have fallen in absolute love. This is a cover of an old 90's song, done by a jazz singer who is sultry and magnificent and oh my gosh I love it. I got to see Gretchen this February and she is a flawless talent. I realized I've never made a point to share this song with Lisa, so I figured now is as good a time as any! There are actual a few of those songs on here...hmm.

4. Constant Surprises/Little Dragon: Hey, here's another one of those songs I've been bogarting! Haha I love this song too, it just puts me in that perfect "I am a part of everything, and everything is good" kinda moods. Just divine.

5. Fucking Boyfriend/The Bird and the Bee: "There is something wrong, and there is something right..when you will take by the hands and I will close my eyes..." this song captures me from the opening line and doesn't let me go until the song is over. Upbeat and catchy as all get out, there's just something about a sweet melodic voice saying curse words that I can't get enough of.

6. The Truth/Handsome Boy Modeling School: Time to cool it down a little bit. I love trip-hop, and HBMS is perfect when I'm in that mood. Head-bobbin' body-swayin' music. Love it.

7. Abigail Silk/Ugly Duckling: Corey rocks my socks so hard sometimes, I swear. He played this for me and I was instantly rocking out. It's so smooth and delicious, I love me some upbeat hip hop love songs. It's just beautiful.

8. Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza/Mac Miller: This is an official entry in my "Summer of 2011" music books. His whole cd is so light and breezy, but this song in particular has me wanting to go outside and light an L, and drive around the city. I'm actually not really sure what Lisa feels about hip hop, but dammit I love it and everyone I know should too!

9. So Real/Jeff Buckley: This song is kind of a genre jump, but it's a favorite of mine. Whenever I hear it, it makes me want to wear some flannel and watch old David Duchovny movies...Don't ask me why, I guess that's just what I associate with the 90's. Hehe anyways, I thought it might be a nice throwback for Lisa. Lord knows I could listen to this song every day and never get tired.

10. Under the Milky Way/Church: This song was actually released the year that I was born, when Lisa was a senior in high school. I love the dark atmosphere of it, and it makes me think of being a teenager in the 80s...mm.

11. Black Hearted Love/PJ Harvey & John Parrish: Lisa has been listening to PJ Harvey for years, and I couldn't remember if I'd asked her about this song or not. Regardless, this song kicks ass! It's so hauntingly sexy and powerful, all while in that cool growl of PJ's.

12. C'mere/Interpol: Speaking of high school songs, this song was a favorite of mine when I was a senior in high school. 'Nuff said.

13. Wishes and Luck/Cool Calm Pete: Ok, this one was a Reddit discovery from my sanctuary r/hiphopheads. I was like hmm...cool...calm...I like both of those things. Let us listen!! And then lo and behold, the song was FREAKING amazing. Let me tell you, I don't use all caps lightly. This song is really that good. Crack to my ears. In fact I'm gonna go listen to it right now...

14. Feather/Nujabes: I'm a real late comer on this group, which can be described as more jazz oriented hip hop...I guess. It kinda sways across a few genre sections. I like this song because it has a nice piano sample, and then goes on to make a few different references that actually shocked me when I first heard the song. Things like Flowers for Algernon, or American Pie. What? For real. A hip hop song referencing a book about neurological science? Be still my heart.

15. The Strain/Blockhead: Blockhead is a producer who makes music comprised of original beats spliced with a lot of old samples, from tv and movies and old songs. It's really cool. It's always a mish mash that just feels right. This song starts with an old song about two teenagers, from neighboring Indian tribes, who fall in love even though they can never be together..and then turns into a completely different thing from there. Ugh I just love it so much. Corey put this on a mix for me, not because of the subject matter but because of the chilled out gorgeousness. So good!

16. Broken/Gorillaz: I love this song because of the sweetness combined with such a melancholy undertone. This really is a beautiful song. I also like this song because I completely passed over it (accidentally) when I was first listening to Plastic Beach, and then one day when I was riding in Margie's car she had this on, and it blew my mind. I am going to have to write a blog post about how my sisters have influenced my musical tastes, and how having them around makes me continue in my search for good music all of the time.

17: Anytime/My Morning Jacket: The mix ends on one of my all time favorite songs. This song represents that special blend of hopefulness and resignation, the feeling when you are getting over someone and you're just starting to see the light, the bittersweet feeling that that entails. I've had the joy of seeing this song performed live twice now, and my love for this song and the band deepens all the time. I have some crazy sentimental ties to this song, and I like to pass along the love.

Whew! I think that about wraps it up for Musical Musics part deux.
I'm gonna go listen to this mix again!

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