You and the fire and the breeze


Proving as always that the calendar pages run as fast as they can while my eyes are closed, taking chunks of time with them with every mad dash... all of a sudden we have entered the last month of 2012.

I would say that this is a time for reflection on the year that has passed behind me, but come on I participate in that brand of masturbatory reflection on the daily.

But hey- when has that ever stopped me?

I’m in a good mood today, realizing that I enjoy when the lack of money has a hand around my throat for the same reasons I’m attracted to power play in other areas - not having money frees me up to stop worrying and planning, and hey I can’t stress about spending money if I don’t have any. And, humorously enough, my life isn’t really significantly impacted (the small moments anyway- writing at Panera with steam rising up from my coffee). Somehow it works out that my “luxuries” still find their ways to me.

This is clearly because somewhere along the way I picked up the ability to find happiness with wherever I’m at and whatever I’m given... certainly a useful skill, so thanks Universe for whatever it was that you threw at me to make me this amicably adaptive.

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