Just so I don’t forget
the colors of the paint upon the wooden kitchen floor
and the low hanging canopy with strings of lights.
Passing around glassy relics
from face to fresh friendly face
Loud smiles
hazy air hanging low around the table.

Just so I don’t forget the crowd of beanie-wearing men in corduroy jackets,
the faint woodsy scent of herb clinging like a coat.
The technicolor lights granting new clothing to each person,
the colors changing everything into an alternate world,
a different place, washed in the light.

The feel of light blue seersucker on my fingertips, a broad expanse to cover.
The eye contact that betrays my true thoughts to the observant,
an observer that understood immediately.

Just so I don’t forget the way it feels to be circled by the shark in water
with eyes that look on with calculating need.
Knowing that I am the moment’s chosen means to an evolutionary end.
The distinct and sudden awareness that I am a sheep in the presence of a wolf.

Just so I don’t forget: “because I’m in. I’m mega in.”

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