It’s funny, the circles of weaving we create. The comfort in this is also a comedy; I can’t help but laugh at the feelings these circumstances dredge up inside of me. About all of this; about any of this.

The difference in age makes a difference in the level of objectivity I have with which to process this situation... and also makes what was a big deal 6 years ago into a simple laughing matter now.
I wish there was a way to communicate with younger versions of myself - I think 17-year-old Keri would appreciate the copious amounts of humor and irony in these cycles we spin through.

It’s a thing I feel fortunate to witness, though.
These ways in which our lives drift together and apart, spinning ourselves accidentally into each other.
The people that come and go, the people that stay.

Words are said and
they linger, familiar.
They’ve been said before
with cheeks upturned

There are downturns of cycle where I find myself more focused on all of the boxes left unchecked
and they stare me down with a sudden and desperate urgency.
I am the very definition of adventurous to a fault.

But. I am patient, and imaginative. Strong willed and adamant as well.

But. I am also a child that rails irrationally against authority.
A dirty hippie with desires to push boundaries of social convention.
I am an observer and a collector of genuine spirits.
I am a lover with a writer’s heart and a Bacchanalian taste for frenzy.

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