Burn bright this season


 Our life together is poetry.

The places we explore together, drenched in sun and sound as the water laps at the shoreline - 
the things that we do together, smiling ear to ear with the wonder of all of life around us.


I'm looking through pictures and texts today, our pictures and texts.
Yes, I save them. The good ones, anyway. Trouble is... they're all pretty awesome.

4/2/12 - Corey to Keri
Spring silently passed by,
a wisp of some familiar scent,
tantalizing the senses causing reminiscence of fragments in time.
Missed mist, now allow the summer to shine.
Burn bright this season, our birthright is to enjoy it.
I love you in the spring,
I’ll love you in forever’s seasons.

4/2/12 - K to C
I hope you know that I can feel your sincerity through your fingertips when you touch my skin,
and that hummingbird heartbeat your lips leave me with.

4/2/12 - K to C
The way I love to hear your heartbeat while I am falling asleep on your chest. The ditches of your collarbones and the freckles on your shoulders.

4/3/12 - K to C
I am completely in love with your voice, it wraps around me like the thinnest warmest velour blanket and shushes my worries to sleep.

5/13/11 - C to K
Oh beauty before me, make me marvel in your grace, grant greatness in your shade, shower soulful shine in your presence, present patience and pride. Love me, because I love you. My mind knows of no other existence.
 6/28/11 - C to K
Peekaboo. I want you. My face the sun your mouth the earth, our lips eclipse and give birth, new life exploding in groping. Attracting magnetics electrics reacting...

7/1/11 - C to K
My beautiful bounty, breathe easy and rest well. No harm is allowed in such hallowed spaces as these. Speak soft and go tell... you pick the place, it doesn’t have to be a mountain.

12/2/11 - Keri to Corey
Let the record show that I, Kerianne Mezo Foster, love Corey Foster. I love him with all of my heart.

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