On the surface simplicity

Ocean pulls me close and whispers in my ear... the destiny I've chose all becoming clear.

There are feelings that I can't name, emotions too complex for statements or newsletters. Sometimes all it takes is the combination of a song and a scent, and other times it's an eyebrow accidentally raised that says too much.

There are times when the boxes I keep are accidentally opened, out of carelessness or arrogance; boxes that perhaps should have been locked. Smoke creeps out and licks at the new air, salacious and inviting, strands of fluid vapor forming a beckoning finger.


Ocean reaches for me and I dip a toe in. I dip a toe in because I don't want to fully relent to her clutches, but the shimmering vision of vapor simmering has me shaken and vulnerable.

Ocean pulls me close and whispers in my ear, she whispers to me like the forming storm clouds whisper to the shore. I can see clearly a secret that most reject as her cool lips brush my neck.

Come...come and see the directions of the sea. 
See the waves thrash and break against the shore.

See the currents that would go their own way...
The conflicting crashing currents that all do what I say.

There are dark reaches in my mind that sometimes decide to speak up.
There are dark reaches with tiny fingers that can pry lids off of boxes.
Dark reaches that are awakened by the scent of Irish Spring and the sound of exasperated sighs.

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