Hey you, come here and talk to me

(written in May)

A different day, another viewpoint.

I think that it’s brainless
To assume that making changes
in your window’s view will
give a new perspective.

I agree with this in varying degrees on varying days of the week...for instance, it’s awfully hard to have anything other than a contented smile on my face with this view.

I so greatly wish I had a beard to stroke so that I could rest against a tree in Memorial Park on a gorgeous Sunday in May, wearing flannel and plucking at a ukulele in between smoking cigarettes. I’m trying hard not to be creepy but not staring at you is equally difficult as you drum on your tiny guitar to the music in your earphones.

Oh man. Sometimes I forget that real life is more entertaining than television. I say this as I sit on a sheet spread out on the grass of Memorial Park, notebook out, watching the people around me. All of them different and every time I people-watch the characters randomly refresh. There is the aforementioned beard-stroker-uke-picker, there is a guy practicing moves with a small orb that are straight out of Labrynth. I kinda want to go sing “Dance Magic Dance” to him but alas I shall refrain. :)

I like to imagine that every stranger has passionate sex with the partner of their choosing.

How do you shout to a fellow person out chillin’ in the park “hey, we should chill together, my name is Keri!” or maybe perhaps “I am down to do the things you want to do, and I am content to lay in silence next to you!”

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