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Ok. So I've been a little delinquent in posting because we have doing SO much these past two weeks. SO freakin' much. I have a bunch of posts that I will be sporadically releasing into the Blogosphere, starting with this one.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, the poetry reading. Well, let's start that evening from the beginning...

Pretty city

Corey and I went downtown for Artwalk, which is basically a huge block party that spans the urban core the first Wednesday of every month. We try to go every month on principle since supporting our city's 'funness' is big. Everybody always complains that there is nothing to do in Jacksonville since we are a "small" city (at 1 million people I don't think that really applies) and I always disagree. I love getting out and about in Jax and finding something new to do.

Anyway, we have sort of a routine when we go to Artwalk. We park in 'our' spot and then walk a few blocks over to our favorite bookstore ever in the history of anything to smell the old books and check out the used cd collection. Then we ramble over to Hemming Plaza to check out the vendors and artists, and we hit the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Capoeira demonstration

Reading quirky old books at Chamblin's Bookmine

This is Corey's emo-kid face...
he starts pulling crazy faces to let me know I'm taking too many pictures of him.

Art at the MoCa: I don't remember the name of the piece but the artist is Howard Finster.
I was stopped dead in my tracks by this art...enough to write a full on post about it later.

A quote in the Howard Finster exhibit that struck a chord within me

After we had wandered around downtown long enough to lose track of the time, I was jarred back into reality by my best friend calling and asking where the eff we were...oops! Last time the poetry didn't even start until well after 10, so even though the start time on the web page said 8 I kinda shrugged it off. Luckily Miss Alex called me so Corey and I hightailed it over to Brooklyn Royal for the show. I got there just in time to read my own pieces, surrounded by friends and loved ones. It was really cool. I was nervous through the first poem, but I hit my stride in the second and finished strong. I was very pleased with how it came out, Corey took some video and my voice was clear and sufficiently loud (but not too loud!). My night was further made by one of the creators coming up to me and asking if I'd be interested in joining up with her spoken word troupe... which sounds really cool but I don't know if I'm quite there yet. I definitely feel inspired to keep writing and reading, though.

On to some pictures, and then I'll share one of my poems that I read.

Here's a good shot of the interior and the stage of Brooklyn Royal, the event hall. Also seen here are my best buddy Stephan (left) and my little stepbrother Kevan.

Best friend Alex was there...

And of course my big ole' blurry head!

And poetry:

Ours to Frolic In
Put me in that place
with my head squished up against pillows
Your face that hovers illuminated
speaks of every other time
that every other person has ever loved another

In my spot, love
is where I watch you
Your face speaks of happiness untold
Happiness that has no translation into English

Put me in that place
with your whiskers trailing tiny scratches
across my skin, I am your canvas
and I stretch against your frame

Where the words stop and the speaking begins
It’s yours and mine, this place we're in
This place is ours to frolic in

Copyright - Keri Mezo 2011

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