Scheer Joy

So...I think this will be Post 1 in a series about things that Keri GEEKS OUT about.

Today's post, darlings, is about an email I received this morning.

First, a little backstory.
So there's this show on TV called The League. And I freaking love it. Real talk: it may be my favorite show..yknow, the show you'll drop everything and change schedules and do what you gotta to be in front of the tv with friends when it comes on. That's a pretty big deal for me, since I really don't give two hoots about tv. I'm fine if the tv doesn't get turned on at all, so for a show to have me hooked like this should say something. Anyways, I didn't even get into until the 2nd season because I figured it was just a dumb show about Fantasy Football. Yeah, uh, I was wrong because again, it is hilarious!

But my favorite actor on the show is a guy named Paul Scheer. I love his character, I love his goofy looks, I just love him. He's actually in a BUNCH of stuff that I count among my favorites. In doing research (namely checking out his IMDB) I realized he pretty much works with every show I love, with every actor I love. For instance, he is on an episode of Party Down, he's also on Children's Hospital, he was in a hilarious sketch show with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel. AND he loves Odd Future just as much as I do. It's a freakin match made in heaven.

One day I was wondering if he had a blog or anything, and I stumbled upon his Tumblr. This was back when I was first starting there (I'm 22 and a non-hipster, it takes me a while to get to new things) a few months ago, so I immediately clicked follow. I noticed that he had an email address, and ever one for spontaneity and slight creepiness, I figured I'd send him one. I wasn't expecting a response (I was emailing mostly out of boredom), but regardless last May I fired off this email:


You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. I'm sure you get tons of mail but I was feeling generous and wanted to give you a completely superfluous email chock full of hyperbolic and gratuitous butt-kissing that maybe you can look upon in your hours of less-than-ebullience. Big words!

Alright, here goes.

If the very gods had deigned create a comedic genius as subtle and wonderful a comic as you, they could not have had any expectation that their hands were not capable. A true work of humor and brevity as you can only rise organically up out of our Earth's roiling core leaving the crumpled debris of tectonic plates rent asunder in his wake. Roaring up from the magma-filled bowels of the hell pits of our planet you, Paul Scheer, appeared like a shining vision of all that is gloriously funny and smirked down upon the masses. With hands raised, his hairless dome glistening in the preHellenistic sun, the writhing and despondent populations bowed and began to rejoice. Hope was spread throughout the planet in forms of slow smiles and reluctant chuckles until finally all of society was wrought with the most pleasant of plagues- that of comedy.

That is all. Um...I think I exhausted my verbal lexicon. Well, now I have. Uh...I'm excited to see the cast of The League at Bonnaroo this summer....happy Friday the 13th...have a good weekend!

See? I told you. Spontaneous and a little creepy at the same time (it's how I roll). Anyway, I fired it off and never heard back and frankly I had forgotten all about it. I didn't end up getting to see The League cast perform at Bonnaroo, though we did get to see them drive past in a golf cart. We followed them for a bit but didn't get to them in time to get a (creepy stalker) picture.

SO imagine my surprise when this morning at work as I was doing my first-thing-email-check and saw that Paul had actually written me a response! Oh my gosh I was dancing in my chair. It's always really cool when I'm reminded that entertainment figures are just people, after all. Anyways, his response:


That is the best email ever. I'll forever save your hyperbolic gratuitous butt kissing, rest assured that I'm a truly horrible person.
I hope you got to see the League at B'roo. Our Sunday was really good. The 1st day was was rustier.

Thanks again Keri for your email. Sorry it's taken me so long to get to it.
Be well.

Le sigh....so short and yet so poignant. Haha. Like I said, I am completely geeking out. This is my favorite celebrity-ish encounter since Patton Oswalt verbally sparred with me on Facebook. For reals though, Paul Scheer is a ridiculously funny dude. I'm pretty frickin humbled that he wrote me back! Ack! I feel like such a little fan girl!

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