I love you in a special way

This weekend found us at one of our favorite spots in the city. I've blogged about it before, but it never fails to inspire a certain brand of happiness within me...the happiness that comes from being a part of my city's local culture.

I am of course referring to Chamblin's Uptown.

We ate outside, drinking some delicious sunny-afternoon beer and eating our wonderfully delicious local food. I love Chamblin's Uptown because it is the downtown add on to Chamblin's Bookmine, which is about 20 minutes away on another part of town. This new location makes it so much more convenient to pop in and grab a book or some food, and it's smack dab in the heart of downtown facing old brick churches and right by the river. Our city does not have the most developed urban core, so any little bit of 'cool' deserved patronage to help our city life grow. I love feeling like I'm doing my part!

Oh, and we brought Clem!

She enjoyed scraps of my roast beef wrap and some water in a bowl. We don't take her out with us near as often as I'd like, she is such a great sidekick.

After we ate, we took turns going inside so we could each pick out one goodie to take home with us. We are on a tight budget what with the wedding planning and all, but Chamblin's (being a used bookstore and all) is so cheap that we can afford to "splurge" on a $5 book and a $5 cd. Corey always beelines straight for the music aisle, while I like to go to the literary classics. We ended up leaving with Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes for me, and Corey picked up Prefuse 73's Security Screenings. That's pretty indicative of our tastes- I go for the ponderous and reflective books, and he goes for the same in music. Gotta love it.

In fact- I love it a whole hell of a lot.
I love that cafe, I love that man, I love that dog.
I love this life.

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