Public Gaze

I rest inside the resonance of a major fifth,
interjecting to broadcast this emergency.

It’s hollow, yknow?

This soul’s got no authority
to follow, a glaring need that waits
with fabricated urgency.

It’s a fall low, the melancholy
ushered in by autumn’s surly bunkering.

(There’s too many balls in the air
though, whistling and snapping strings,
and in cyclical futility I attempt to control the spin)

A fractured mind’s got a better chance
to find itself in mine, churning in my cerebullum,
but a mind is all you are. A brain inside a dome,
a skull encased and still in tact a couple days from home…

or at least that’s what you tell them
while hems unravel secretly, away from public gaze.

I’ll mine these minds of yours for days.

Art by Alexander Rodriguez

Art by Alexander Rodriguez

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