Little Dab'll Do Ya

See Through // Found

See the thing about you that caught my eye –
beyond candy-coated tendrils wrapping scores of suckers
dumbfounded and static in your apathetic love –
was the twitch of wit that cracks all of your smiles.

Pierce your flesh,
undulate round in hypnosis,
jump through hoops to fuel the spiral.

Oh, how I would choose to keep you safe, precious daughter of light.

Stumble, weft and wend –
your precision wanes under the moon,
directing discretions to take a fucking hike.

Stem and wind – fragile, wishful,
twist your bends of back and forth.
You daughter, you know not your worth.

Beautiful beautiful, you are prayer
cast by whirling dervishes of destruction,
singling out cerebral cell by cell for the firing line.

One by one, dropkick them all, one by one.

Couldn’t quite escape yourself down in Florida
So dance, oh daughter, down filled fields
of laughing mania under dripping oaks.

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