Dungeons and Dragons

To add to my ever increasing list of random hobbies, I recently accepted an invitation to play a biweekly game of Dungeons and Dragons with some friends of mine that just moved back to town. 
This is the brief back story that I wrote for my character, Bienefeldt Orianen.

Bienefeldt – Eladrin Wizard

Bienefeldt Orianen is calm and ageless, carrying secrets by the handful. Bienefeldt lives alone in a city on the edge of fey and human growing ever frustrated by the feeling that he is incomplete. Truth be told, there is a girl. There was a girl – but isn’t there always? A girl that slipped away, enchanted by the pull of normalcy and domesticity.

In earlier years, Bienefeldt was drawn by the curious odors of adventure and left his home to traverse the mountains on the horizon, getting sucked into a great fight against the Drow, the dark elves. He did not know then (but he knows now – oh how he knows now) that the shimmering-haired girl – Irina – in his hometown, that he had always taken note of in the markets and town gatherings, had taken note of him too… yet tragically he never gathered up the nerve to say anything to her until the night before he left town. He expressed his love and she reciprocated the emotions silently, her eyes glistening with tears and adoration, knowing that they could never be – something that Bienefeldt would soon come to understand. She did not want adventure, she wanted the sounds of laughing babies and the smell of baking bread – and a husband that came home every night. Bienefeldt left the next morning, feeling both relieved to have told his love the truth but also a simmering anger at the universe for arranging the cards in such a tantalizingly frustrating manner. He made a pact with himself to make sure that Irina was always safe and taken care of, though he was determined not to disrupt the life she had created for herself. An act of true love, he told himself as he left his home behind.

In the fight against the Drow, Bienefeldt met up with Traevaran Silvermane [a groupmate’s character], a relative of Irina’s, and the aftermath of carnage and destruction led to Bienefeldt’s family taking Traevaran in. The two became fast friends, even studying together under the same Master of Magic, though their different styles of magical ability led to yet another parting of ways. Traevaren felt the magic more intuitively through his emotions and passions, while Bienefeldt connected more to the magic of nature - he also studied much more by the book as opposed to Silvermane’s instinctive sorcery. After they split Bienefeldt realized that he missed Traevaren more than he let on, as over time he had grown attached to the qualities in Traevaren that reminded Bienefeldt so strongly of that girl with the dancing eyes – though of course Bienefeldt would never admit as much out loud.

After years of living alone, though content in his comfortably cluttered cottage in the woods, Bienefeldt began to wonder if perhaps there was more adventure yet to be had. Danger awaited, for sure, but it was distraction that Bienefeldt sought, for even after all this time he loved Irina with the hazy gaze of one who stares into a nostalgic past more often than the present. He set out, lying to himself in attempts to find excuses for his excursion, not wanting to admit to himself that he hoped to check in on the lovely Irina and the family that should have been his.

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