Shimmer and Drip


In that sacred space between it all - where everyday objects shimmer and drip like wax down the body of the candlestick - everyday thoughts dripped from my brain as if through a sieve so that all I can see is everything that actually means anything to me, and

and then, dripping over me this time, the music.
Vibrating me gently and taking force slowly until it is clear to me that I am a puppet hanging from steel strings, quivering at the most tender touch of fingers on frets. As voices begin to surround me, from the stereo and from the source unknown, I felt, overwhelmingly so, that it is a waste of time to do anything but devote my life to song - to open my lips and let sweetness flow forth; to stop suppressing my desire to sing.

I just have to be a part of it.
I have to.

It’s not just me, either.

I can see it now in Corey’s eyes, too.
An electricity is humming through us, changing the aqueous matter of which we are comprised and bringing us close together, easing our minds of stigma and worry, granting an ease and a confidence that brings us closer to getting our destiny.

We place more stock in our words and our harmonies, the ways our minds and bodies work and have worked together to create this mirror by which we see each other and ourselves.

“Feel yourself being quietly drawn
by the deeper pull of what you truly love.”

It feels good, like the moments we spend together are ramping up in terms of productivity, in terms of connectivity, in terms of feeling with certainty that we are back on the same page and back on track to keep exploring this world and this love together.

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