[I wrote this in August, but it rings true right now]


And then there are days where I feel an incomparable swell of gusto. Enthusiasm; confidence.

I am a grown person that can get by on nothing but still be happy.
I am a grown person that can make bosses buy business cards with MY name on them.
I am a grown person with friends that have couches like the most dense clouds for morning lounging.

Shit, I’m a grown person that lounges in the mornings.
A step further, I’m a grown person that is starting to LIKE mornings.

I like mornings. Hmm... that’s kinda revolutionary.

I think I like mornings now because of the two-hour gap between taking my husband to work at 8am and when I have to be to work at 10am. Those two hours give me time to slowly wake up and actually feel the process, feel myself becoming more alert and aware. On mornings that I don’t have to be up at 7 I end up sleeping almost right up to very last minute before getting up and forcing my way into the car and into my desk chair...tsk tsk. I can very clearly see a difference between early-morning-Keri and I-just-got-up-seven-minutes-ago-Keri.

Added perk: being awake when people are hot air ballooning.

My Introspectrometer (it’s KrebStar) is working overtime lately and I’m liking what I’m seeing. There are facets of my personality that started as inklings and planted seeds and I am now noticing the fruition of spoils coming to light.

In particular, the love that envelops my being; love for all things and people. 
A general blanketed love for all of existence and all of existence’s sadnesses and triumphs.

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